Society News: May 2012


The Committee has been working on the LMS Constitution, and will be proposing several changes at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in September (see notes in this newsletter).
We have almost completed the details of the 2013 programme, which looks like another wonderful line-up. As outlined below, the Committee is also seeking your feedback on the format and performances being offered.
On a personal note, I have decided not to stand for re-election this year. I have been glad to serve on the committee for over 10 years, but feel that it is time to have a break, and encourage other members to join the Committee.
For various reasons, Sally and Alan Hutchison, Danny Neumann and Dan O’Keeffe have also indicated that they will not be standing for reelection at the AGM. The positions that will need to be filled are President, two Vice-Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer. Dan O’Keeffe is happy to continue looking after the website.
Danny and I will be overseas for the July concert, but we will see you at the Melbourne Piano Trio concert in June.

Sarah Cuming


At the May concert, Vivien Hamilton and Len Vorster presented a program titled, Six Degrees of Separation. This was a wonderful and spirited performance of French song – both from Les Six and those associated with that group.
Vivien and Len gave us a comprehensive “meal” of six “courses. We heard a good sampling of music with short passages from Satie’s “Gymnopedies” between the courses.

Vivien introduced each course, of four or five pieces, with interesting accounts of the various composers’ intentions. Vivien was in excellent voice and Len’s piano work was as near perfect as anyone could desire. The two worked together in splendid accord.

Melbourne Piano Trio
Ji Wong Kim (violin), Chris Howlett (cello), and Hoang Pham (piano) are the “talk of the town”. Audiences and critics alike, have applauded their recent performances at the inaugural Sanguine Music Festival and the Mother’s Day Concert at the Melbourne Recital Centre.
The program features three popular trios – Brahms B major Op.8, Mozart No. 1 in G major, K496 and Mendelssohn No.1 in D minor Op.49 – surely some of every member’s most loved piano trios! It is a privilege to hear this young group so early in their career as an ensemble.

Yi Wang (violin) and Ian Munro (piano)
These two outstanding musical talents join forces in a program featuring Sonatas by Debussy, Brahms and Mozart as well as a Chinese Folk Song.
Yi, a prize-winning violinist, completed his undergraduate course at the Beijing Central Conservatory and post-graduate studies in London. He came to Australia in 1997 to join the Australian Chamber Orchestra.
Pianist Ian Munro who is one of Australia’s most distinguished and awarded musicians accompanies Yi Wang on this occasion.


The Committee is considering some amendment to how the concerts are presented in 2013, and invites member contribution in at least three ways.
First, all members are invited to discuss informally the changes under consideration with any Committee member at the concerts.
Second, audience members will be asked to offer their opinions in a questionnaire.
Third, members who will not be at a concert in the near future are invited to write up their views and send them by post or email to the Committee.  Here are some of the possibilities that have been in discussion by the Committee.

 Adjusting the concert start time – somewhat earlier or somewhat later – especially an adjusted start time for the mid-winter concerts.
 Eliminating interval and shortening the concerts to a total duration of about 70 to 75 minutes, but retaining refreshments after the concert.
 Reducing the NUMBER of concerts (currently 10 a year) in order to fund better and more expensive concert performers.
 More concerts featuring “early career performers” – who might not be quite so polished in their performances.
 Deliberately trying to shape the type of concerts – more (or less) voice, more (or less) solo instrumental recitals.
 Our Wyselaskie venue is booked for the 2013 year, but having settled in at Wyslelaskie, it would be interesting to get some feedback about the location, facilities and acoustic.

The Committee would like to hear from any member who feels he or she might be able to do the audit of our books of account. Based on past experience it is about a 5 or 6 hour commitment, undertaken between 30th June and 1st September. Although someone with some audit experience would be ideal, past auditors have mainly been accounting qualified people who have reviewed the accounts based on their accounting knowledge. The Committee is hoping to find a suitable volunteer who would do the job on a pro-bono basis.


As at last year’s AGM, there will be some changes to the Constitution proposed to the members for their consideration. The Committee is very keen that members consider these changes before the AGM – to discuss them amongst their member/friends as they feel inclined – and to ask the Committee to explain the “whys and wherefores” of any changes.
Deductible Gift Recipient Status Application.
The advantages of DGR status were outlined in a previous newsletter – the April/May 2012 edition.
Purposes. Not only are the existing purposes rather out of date but both Consumer Affairs Victoria and the DGR application suggest that updating this part of our constitution is appropriate. The Committee welcomes suggestions.
Decisions out of meetings. This change would allow the Committee to make decisions (but only if unanimous) by email or letter without convening a meeting.
Co-options to the Committee. The existing constitution has no provision to allow for cooptions to the Committee to supplement those elected by the members at the AGM. The proposed amendment will allow for this while also allowing members to prevent the Committee co-opting persons that the members feel are unsuitable
Members of the Public Fund Sub-Committee. The DGR application requires that tax-deductible donations are kept quite separate from other funds of the Society and that the use of these funds is determined by people who can bring to bear a wider sense of community responsibility than simply the interests of the Society.
Definitions of Membership Types and Their Rights. Currently the Society have several types of membership but the constitution is silent as to what types exist and the various rights of each type.
If you have any concerns or questions about the intended changes – or feel that, other changes are desirable, please convey your views to a Committee member in person, by email to or sending a note to the Committee at the Society’s mailing address: PO Box 947 Eltham 3095.