Lyrebird Commission

Since 1985 the Society has been involved in the commissioning and performance of a composition during its regular annual concerts.

The commission is currently known as the “Lyrebird Commission” and includes a grant of $1500 to the recipient. This is part funded with the generous support of the Robert Salzer Foundation. The commissioned work must be a new chamber work of approximately fifteen minutes in length for a combination of up to four musicians. The composition is usually premiered at the Society’s October concert. The grant is paid on presentation of a hard copy of the score to the Society. The Society also pays fees to the performers at the premiere.

Enquiries and submissions should be directed to the Secretary.

Submissions should include a résumé, an outline of the ideas, form and instrumentation for the proposed composition and a CD/DVD of examples of the composier’s works.

History of the Commission

The Commission for Composition dates as a separate award from 1996. Prior to that The Australian Natives’ Association, through the A.N.A. Friendly Society and later the Australian Unity Friendly Society, sponsored the writing of an original musical composition organised and presented by the Society. This arrangement was terminated in October 1994.

Recipients of the Lyrebird Commission

Year Composer Title Group
2013 Richard Grantham The Lyrebird in my Piano Clarinet, violin and piano
2012 Stefan Cassemenos String quartet
2011 Calvin Bowman Real & Right & True Soprano and piano
2010 Peter de Jager Wind Trio
2009 Lorenzo Alvaro Piano Trio No.2 ‘Hidden Dimensions’ Piano Trio
2008 Katy Abbott The Empty Quarter Percussion & Violoncello
2007 James Wade A Stillness Clarinets, violin and piano
2006 Natalie Williams Songs of the Glass Bead Game Voice & Strings
2005 Dennis Vaughan Seven Interludes from the Third Stone String Quartet
2004 Tim McKenry ‘Lament’ Tenor, Soprano, Saxophone, Marimba, Piano
2003 Jane Hammond Two’s company Clarinet, Violin, Piano
2002 David Horowicz Piano Quartet
2001 William Hughes La Alcoforado Violin, Cello, Piano
2000 Wendy Hiscocks Unseen Dances Piano Duet
2000 Robert Trumble Quartet Oboe, String Trio
1999 Estelle Pizer Unveiled String Quartet
1997 Tim Davies Twine Flute Clarinet, Bassoon
1996 Tullia Ashton-Lomax Night Road Soprano, Piano

Recipients of the ANA Award

Year Composer Title Group
1994 Christine McCombe Songs of truth and loneliness Piano
1993 Robert Trumble String Quartet
1992 Peter Twilley String Trio
1991 Stuart Greenbaum String Quartet
1990 Anne Shirley Peel Selection of poems by Gwen Harwood Soprano, Violin, Guitar
1989 Felix Meagher The Glugs of Gosh Wind Quartet
1985 Brenton Broadstock Down the Emperor’s Road Woodwind Quartet